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Maze Ball Games Knob Wooden Labyrinth Handcrafted


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Montessori 3D Maze Ball Games Knob Wooden Labyrinth Toys Handcrafted Puzzles Rolling Beads

How to play ?

Move the control buttons on both sides to control the balance of the two inner grids so that the balls roll and avoid falling into the trap until the end. (The steel ball is only 0.95cm in size, please play under the supervision of the parents)


Small Size ( 25 levels ): 16*16*5cm    Ball Size : 0.7cm


Middle Size ( 36 levels ): 27.5*23.6cm   Ball Size : 0.95cm   


Big Szie ( 60 levels ): 32*38*7.5cm    Ball Size : 0.95cm


Adult recommended large size




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